PlasFit Screws
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Plasfit Screws

PlasFit Screws

"PlasFit", more commonly known as PT Screws, are a direct screw fastener for use in thermoplastics. The key design aspects include a profiled thread root to assist plastic flow, a 30° flank angle to reduce boss bursting forces and an 8° pitch angle which combine to give low installation torques with high stripping torques.


Further Information About This Product

Main advantages of using Plasfit: 
• Reduced installation torque 
• High stripping torque 
• Greater safety margin between installation torque and stripping torque 
• High parent material shear strength 

• Minimises material flow resistance 
• Designed to reduce stress within the thermoplastic material 
• High-resistance to vibration and relaxation 
• Allows for smaller bosses


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