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CEO and Founder - PhilCEO

I always wanted to be an engineer and was sponsored by Imperial Metal Industries, Witton, Birmingham through university doing a 'Double Honours' course in mechanical engineering.

My first job was working for a business making turbine blades for aerospace and power generation and this is how I got into sales. I moved to a zinc die-casting company which was setting up a range of threaded inserts to compete against the more familiar brass product. We established a fastener company as our distributor and became Product Manager. I was made redundant on the 7th November 1989 and that evening my wife, Sally and I were driving down to see friends in Salcombe, Devon and by the time we arrived the decision was made to set up a company to sell threaded inserts.

Fitsco Industries started trading on the 2nd January 1990 with me being on my own until I took on my first employee in September. We have been manufacturing our own threaded inserts since 2000 and we are now one of just two companies making our own threaded inserts in the UK today. I would be lying if I said it had been easy, having been through two or three recessions since I started but I've got a great team working for me now and I have never enjoyed going to work more.

Away from the world of threaded inserts, Sally and I have four children, and we love to spend time in Cornwall and I play squash, badminton and hockey.


General Manager - Carys

I joined Fitsco in June 2014 and enjoy the many opportunities we have by being a UK manufacturer of threaded inserts and fasteners. I believe the success of our company lies within our team who I am very proud of. They are a great group of people who work hard to ensure Fitsco are one of the leading threaded inserts manufacturers and distributors in the UK. I enjoy being part of the Fitsco team immensely.

I am highly focused on continual improvement as there is always something that can be done better. I embrace change and I like to explore alternatives where possible keeping our business up to date with relevant opportunities. I am an avid animal lover hence I am a vegetarian!

I enjoy travelling, particularly going camping, and my life motto is “every day is precious, smile, be positive and embrace your health".


Business Relationship Manager - JayneOffice-Manager

Before joining Fitsco, I worked within retail and have been a pub manager for Wetherspoons.  As you can imagine the switch into the world of threaded inserts has been an interesting one.  The main thing I learnt from day one is that our customers are our priority and we pride ourselves on solving the problems that our customers may have with their threaded inserts.

Since joining Fitsco my role has progressed from Sales Co-ordinator through to Business Relationship Manager. I enjoy all aspects of working within a manufacturing environment, it certainly has its challenges but it is extremely rewarding. I am the link between customers and suppliers to manage the entire supply chain process. I pride myself on my level of customer service and will always try my best to help the customers' with their requirements for threaded inserts.

Enough about work, I love to travel and I always have a holiday booked as I am sure many of you already know if you have spoken to me! So if you need any help on planning your next holiday, or help with your threaded inserts requirements, please do give me a call!


Production Manager - Paul

I've been with the company since April 2004 and oversee all of our manufactured threaded inserts, material and schedule orders onto our machines, ensuring the smooth running of the production facility.

I believe the future of the company lies with the younger employees, so my priority is transferring skills and knowledge of making threaded inserts and related products onto them.

Away from manufacturing threaded inserts, I have a twin brother and I enjoy playing golf on a regular basis. 








Digital Marketing Executive - DanDS-threaded-inserts

I've been with the company since March 2019, having worked in a variety of marketing roles since graduating in 2012. I am responsible for increasing online interaction, as well as increasing brand awareness by attending exhibitions and trade shows, and learning all about the world of threaded inserts along the way. I enjoy working with the great team we have here at Fitsco.

I enjoy meeting customers and friends of the company, as I believe there is no better way of communicating than face-to-face interaction. I enjoy graphic design and creating an increased social media presence.

Away from threaded inserts, compression limiters and speaker spikes, I enjoy keeping fit and I regularly participate in 10km races and half-marathons. I have also completed the London Marathon. I enjoy watching and playing rugby.


Sales Executive - Sam

I also joined Fitsco in July 2019 as a Sales Executive and I am keen for new adventures to help all new customers within the threaded inserts industry, so one of main focuses is to build relationships with new customers to ensure they are receiving the best service from ourselves when purchasing threaded inserts. Before joining Fitsco, I worked in sales for 3 years, this is my first role of sales within threaded inserts. I enjoy working in sales and helping people with their problems with products they may have and giving them the very best customer service with a smile and a giggle.

In my spare time, I live and breathe cars from driving to the coast, taking the cars apart and adding in my own touch. Anything car related will have me chatting for hours. I’m also a dog lover and love spending time with my husky with either me walking him or him walking me!


Fitsco are one of just two UK companies manufacturing their own threaded inserts, with many of our threaded inserts being custom-made. The company is on social media and we have a presence on the following networks. Please connect with us and follow us for up to date company information.


We are also on WhatsApp and you are able to message us photos of your threaded inserts requirements at any time or day to the following number. 


+44 (0) 7506 994434