About us

Fitsco Industries Ltd are one of just two companies making and manufacturing their own threaded inserts in the United Kingdom.

Fitsco manufacture custom-made threaded inserts, which are drawn and designed to the customers' requirements. 

Fitsco is the only company to offer a repeat order system for threaded inserts, compression limiters and speaker spikes in the account area of the website.

Fitsco also offers free *.cad files of their threaded inserts to product designers.

Celebrating Our History

first-fitsco-offices (699px * 267px)Our CEO and founder Mr Philip Schofield established Fitsco Industries Ltd in 1990 with just a single ‘port-a-cabin’ office and just a few shelves of threaded inserts in stock. His aim was to become the leading independent supplier of high performance threaded inserts for use in plastics, wood and sheet metal applications.

In 1991 the offices moved to Bidford-on-Avon and in 2000 a manufacturing facility was acquired in Stourport-On-Severn to make and manufacture threaded inserts.bidford-office (758px * 289px)

During 2001 we introduced our own branded range of threaded inserts, namely the MultiFit, HeatFit, PressFit, ScrewFit, MouldFit and WoodFit ranges.

In October 2004 the company expanded its manufacturing capacity and relocated both original sites to a single facility in Bridgnorth, Shropshire and continued the manufacturing of threaded inserts.

In 2008, a new product range, RotoFit (inserts for the rotomoulding industry) was added to the other six current threaded inserts product brands and in 2009, we introduced another new range, PlasFit - Thread Forming Screws for thermoplastic mouldings, commonly known as PT Screws.

In 2014, Fitsco moved into machining Marine Stainless steel threaded inserts. These threaded inserts are more suitable for use in marine environments as the material is less prone to salt corrosion.

2017 was a 'milestone' in the threaded insert business, which hasn't changed for over 50 years; we launched our new 'patent-pending' polymer threaded insert called LiteFit. This new concept in polymer inserts, offers an 80% weight-saving over the more familiar metal threaded inserts, which is of particular interest to the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

In January 2019, Fitsco made the significant decision to move into a new manufacturing, engineering and resource centre based in Telford, Shropshire. Telford is recognised as the "The Birthplace of Industry", due to it having the Ironbridge Gorge area within its boundary, the famous bridge being the first of its kind fabricated from cast iron. The company currently manufactures up to 750,000 threaded inserts per month having increased the manufacturing capacity by a further 40%, with the potential to grow even further in future.

Over recent years, Fitsco has seen the market change and business move away from the UK, which at times has been hard, and the company continues to adapt to market changes in order to keep their position of being one of the UK's leading manufacturing companies. These changes have Shropshire-Chamber-of-Commerce-Finalist-Logoclearly paid off as the company has a strong brand, that continues to grow with more business returning to the UK.

During June 2019, the company was a finalist in two Shropshire Business Awards, as it reached the final four for the categories of 'Best Manufacturer' and 'Best Small Business'.