What's Hot About HeatFit Threaded Inserts?

Headed-HeatFit-threaded-insertsOur HeatFit threaded inserts continue to be one of our most popular products and we answer some of the most frequently asked questions we have on them here, our next blog on our threaded inserts products.

HeatFit threaded inserts, are installed into thermoplastic materials using heat, hence the name of our range. The HeatFit range of threaded inserts have been introduced to provide a high-level of performance using alternating herringbone knurl. HeatFit threaded inserts are available in both headed and unheaded to ensure quality and unmatched performance, whilst aiding electrical conductivity. The threaded inserts can be installed using either heat staking or ultrasonics.

Advantages of Using Our HeatFit Threaded Inserts:

  • Using heat for installation will minimise the stress on the boss
  • By using heat to install the HeatFit threaded inserts, the product will have high torque and pull-out performance
  • The threaded inserts are easy to install by using heat staking or ultrasonics
  • Herringbone knurls face in opposite directions to provide greater resistance in their application

Recommendations on the Application of Our HeatFit Threaded Inserts:

  • To prepare the hole, we recommend the use of moulded holes. The diameter of the hole is measured Unheaded-HeatFit-threaded-insertsat the point where the bottom of the threaded inserts meets the moulded holes
  • Installing the threaded inserts should be completed by either using pre-heat staking or using ultrasonics
  • The wall thickness should ideally be no less than half the diameter of the hole

Blog by Dan - 23rd September 2019

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