What are T-Nuts? Different from threaded inserts?

T-Nuts, or tee nuts, blind nuts, rivet nuts and insert nuts, as they are also known, are commonly used for wood, and differ from our threaded inserts in that they hold work pieces on machine beds, and are used with bolts or studs.

We are able to supply T-Nuts in steel or stainless steel material and the product claws into wood when they are tightened, and are proven to be more reliable when wood screws fail. A bolt is then used to join the two parts together.

In recent times, we have seen our T-Nuts being used in wooden items such wooden and MDF items as furniture, with a recent demand for our T-Nuts in picnic benches.

You are able to see T-Nuts being installed in the video below.

Blog by Dan - 24th October 2019

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