What are PressFit threaded inserts?

One of our most popular products are PressFit threaded inserts. We are often asked about them in product enquiries, whether that be over the phone, over email or via our new WhatsApp service.

There are four standard PressFit threaded inserts that we manufacture, supply and distribute and they are F2 Headed, F2 Unheaded, F4/2R Headed and F4/1 Unheaded. The products suit varying applications and we would be delighted to help you decide on what pHeaded-PressFit-threaded-insertsroduct would suit your product.

F2 PressFit threaded inserts have straight knurling pointing in one direction, which can be seen in the photo on the left-hand side. F4 threaded inserts have diamond knurl which can be shown on the right.Unheaded-F4-1-PressFit-threaded-inserts

The range of PressFit threaded inserts would suit applications where the threaded inserts are pressed in cold into compression moldings. PressFit threaded inserts have a high-torque performance and, as such, no expensive equipment is required to install them.

We recommend that moulded holes are used for installation, with the hole diameter being measured at the point where the bottom of the threaded insert meets the moulded hole. The threaded inserts should be installed using a slow, squeezing action and be allowed to rotate as they are installed. It is important that the wall thickness isn’t too small, as this will cause cracking, and it should be no less than the specified hole diameter.

Blog by Dan - 4th October 2019

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