Transferring Knowledge in Threaded Inserts

The machines that manufacture our threaded inserts are Davenport Multi Spindle Machines. They are machines that were originally designed in the 1940s, which you can read about the history of here.

Threaded-inserts-knowledge-transfer-2Despite the machines originally being designed many decades ago, they continue to make threaded inserts that are used in every day items today, and our machines have the capability of manufacturing over half a million threaded inserts per month. To run the Davenport machines, to change the jobs being run on machines and to ensure high quality threaded inserts reach our customers, we must have a highly skilled set of engineers looking after the machines.

As the machines have grown with age, so has the engineers running them, and, as such, the priority for our more senior members of the workforce is to transfer their decades worth of knowledge to the younger members of our team. It is far from an easy process, as aside from the 27 different brands of threaded inserts, speaker spikes, compression limiters and T-Nuts that we supply, all these brands are available in different sizes, ranging from M2 to M10, as well as being available in different material and with different plating available on each product.

There are many different standard threaded inserts available that we manufacture, and this is before we consider the custom-made threaded inserts that we design and manufacture to the customers’ individual requirements. Though we’re not completely certain, it is thought that we have manufactured over 1000 different jobs specific to the customers’ requirements, which can them come in different sizes, materials and plating.

We are fortunate here that we have a strong workforce who are a diverse group of hard-working individuals, who have been the biggest reason behind the success of the company over the past thirty years. The team at Fitsco are always willing to listen to each other’s ideas and theories, which they then learn from and be educated for in the manufacturing of products in the future.

Blog by Dan - 6th November 2019

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