The Importance of Visiting Customers

We at Fitsco try and spend as much time as we can by visiting our customers and seeing them face to face. Many people ask us why we do this.

It is slightly unorthodox and unconventional method in the threaded inserts field as not many companies take this approach. We are a growing company in terms of employees and revenue, so we do not want to forget about the customers that have been loyal to us for several years. With the growth, we also do not want to find ourselves increasingly distant from customers, hence why we make time to visit our customers regardless of how long they have been with us. While it is hugely important to speak and listen to customers, it is important to remember who and why you are providing your products and services, with customers providing unfiltered and direct feedback straight from customers.

When we visit our threaded inserts customers, we learned a great deal which I have listed here:

  • They are busy. Your customers are busy; especially so when they are SMEs. You find that the people running SMEs are running operations, marketing, accounting and sales at the same time. To be given a half an hour section of their day is huge so time is vital to maintaining a good working relationship.
  • Their business has processes. You learn quickly how their business works and the processes involved. Some businesses like having their products in plenty of time and hold a back log of product to ensure that part of the process will never have any issues. Other companies run a ‘just in time’ process where products arrive just before they need to. It is worthwhile to know what part you play in how their business works.
  • They will also have standards. Some customers rely heavily on quality, others provide products which have little quality assurance. Though the quality of threaded inserts that we provide here at Fitsco does not fluctuate too much, it is useful to know where your customers stand in the way of standards.
  • Learn about the relationship you have. You quickly learn how good a relationship you have with the customers you visit. By taking the time out to visit customers, regardless of where they are based, you are already building on the working relationship that you have. Customers feel valued and special by this.

Blog by Dan - 1st August 2019

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