Speaker Spikes - what are they? How are they used?

At Fitsco, we are frequently asked by customers “what are speaker spikes?”. They are different from threaded inserts, the products that we are accustomed to making, but the supply and amount we produce, suggests that they are a product with ever-increasing popularity.

Knurled-speaker-spikesSpeaker spikes are popularly used in the hifi and music industry. As suggested with their name, they are designed in the shape of spikes. The product is designed to work as feet for the speaker or speaker stand. They provide stability, as they provide a ‘grip’ in the surface that they are in and this means that they ‘couple’ with the floor and vibrational energy disperses from the stand into the ground. The stand and speakers are isolated from external vibrations due to the shape of the speaker spikes.

The most common use for Fitsco speaker spikes is that they allow the user to couple and decouple speakers at the same time. When the speaker is playing, a forward and rearward motion is created. When the speaker is moved forwards, something needs to be pushed back to create an equal and opposite reaction to adhere to the laws of physics. Speaker spikes help keep your speakers coupled in a way that you want them, whilst decoupling them at the same time. Coupling will attempt to eradicate the internal vibrations of the speakers and decoupling assists in preventing the vibrations which come from the environment surrounding the speakers.

The hifi or speaker is often too heavy to move backwards from the force of playing, and it will vibrate, which comes from the speaker and it disrupts the vibrations that are caused by the music being played.Threaded-speaker-spikes

Fitsco speaker spikes are manufactured with two different types; knurled and threaded. The speaker spikes will be made from a different material from your speakers and speaker cabinets, so it is of importance that it helps isolate vibrations in both directions.

Another reason why speaker spikes are installed is to prevent diminished sound quality from vibrations from the floor. Speaker spikes also ensures that the speakers and stand remain stable, which is particularly beneficial when your speakers are positioned on an unstable surface, such as a carpet.

For installation, most speaker spikes are screwed into the bottom of the speaker stand, which, in turn, is coupled to the speaker. The speakers can also be isolated by the speaker spikes sitting on a pad, which is not an essential item, but it does ensure that the floor is not scratched or damaged.

Speaker spikes are an essential part of music fans receiving the best audio experience.

Blog by Dan - 21st June 2019

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