ScrewFit Threaded Inserts - why so popular?

One of our most popular threaded inserts are ScrewFits, we keep asking ourselves why they are so popular with our customers. I have thought about why they’re as popular as they are, and the evidence of a high-quality insert is there for us all to see.

Our ScrewFit threaded inserts, or ‘Trisert’ or ‘Double Ended’ as they have been known in the threaded inserts trade, are a range of inserts that are available in three different design styles; ‘Headed’, ‘Reduced Head’ and ‘Unheaded’. The threaded inserts are a high-quality, high-performing and versatile insert, that are commonly used in injection moldings and applications.

ScrewFit threaded inserts are installed post-moulding in either plastic or wood products. TheyReduced-Head-ScrewFit-threaded-inserts are self-tapping threaded inserts with four flutes, which reduces stress on the moulding by having a balance cutting action. One of the big product advantages of ScrewFit threaded inserts are that they have a very high torque and pull-out performance, suiting a variety of mouldings.

Unheaded-ScrewFit-threaded-insertsHaving thought about it, in two paragraphs, we can really see and feel the benefits that ScrewFit threaded inserts have on the products that they end up in. Having shipped these inserts all over the globe, we can fully appreciate why they have and are becoming one of the most sought-after products in the world of threaded inserts.


Blog by Dan - 17th June 2019

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