Popularity of Marine Grade Stainless Steel

As threaded inserts, speaker spikes and compression limiters designers, manufacturers and distributors, we have seen a sharp increase in the rise in popularity of marine grade stainless steel products over recent months.

Stainless-steel-threaded-inserts-3Despite being naturally resistant to corrosion, some corrosion can take place when the product are exposed to harsher environments, such as in salt-water. A chromium oxide layer on the surface of the threaded inserts gives the products their resistance, which prevents moisture and forming of iron oxide or rust.

As I have previously blogged, we offer a variety of stainless-steel grades, with 303, 304 and 316 being our grades of choice. Marine grade stainless steel, or grade 316 as it is known, is the preferential product in more-aggressive areas, as it includes a high-concentration of molybdenum, which in turn prevents salt water from corroding the products. It does however, cost more than the other stainless steel grades.

Stainless steel needs to be cleaned regularly to help the length of the life of the threaded inserts and their appearance.

Blog by Dan - 15th October 2019

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