Our Plastic LiteFit Threaded Inserts

The threaded inserts industry has not changed much in over 50 years, in terms of how the threaded inserts are manufactured. Our patent-pending plastic LiteFit threaded inserts, which have an 80 percent weight-saving and are as robust and as strong as our regular, metal threaded inserts in brass, steel or stainless steel.Plastic-Insert

These plastic LiteFit threaded inserts will be of interest to designers and engineers in the automotive and aerospace sectors, where weight-saving is key to vehicle and aircraft performance and speed.

LiteFit threaded inserts will also be of interest to those in the medical field, where metal is not a practical material to use. For example, in x-ray rooms, metal is not permitted, so a plastic insert would be an ideal replacement material to use in furniture and equipment.

In a day and age where plastic is being reduced to cater for the planets needs, our plastic LiteFit threaded inserts are also fully recyclable so they are environmentally friendly. The plastic threaded inserts are also an electrical insulator, have excellent chemical resistance and have high mechanical strength. They are food compliant and no plating is required.

Our plastic LiteFit threaded inserts are the start of a new age in the world of threaded inserts and it is fantastic that Fitsco is at the front of the future of this new age.

Blog by Dan - 1st November 2019

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