Optical Sorting Machines: sorting threaded inserts

To finely sort our threaded inserts, we have an Optical Sorting Machine. The machine, or Bert, as he is commonly known in the building, ensures that our threaded inserts are the correct colour, size shape, has the correct dimensions, weighs the right amount, Optical-Sorting-Machine-threaded-inserts-2structural properties and chemical composition. It is 100 percent accurate and saves the company time and money whilst improving product quality, with money and time saved from human handling and checking of the threaded inserts. Optical sorting, or as it is often known digital sorting, is the automated process of sorting solid products, in our case threaded inserts, using cameras and lasers. Bert will compare objects to our criterion, to correctly identify and remove defective threaded inserts and other material, or to separate products of different grades or material types.

Usually, optical sorting machines have four components; the feed system, the optical system, image processing software and the separation system.

The Feed System

The feed system spreads the threaded inserts over the optical system evenly, without sending through too many at once, at a regular speed.

The Optical System

The Optical-Sorting-Machine-threaded-inserts-4optical system has lights and sensors house around the flow of the threaded inserts being inspected.

Image Processing Software

The image processing software will compare the threaded inserts to the criterion set out by the user to classify the threaded inserts before sending them to the separation system.

Separation System

The separation system, which in our case is compressed air, pinpoints the rejected threaded inserts and sends them to a reject tunnel, whilst the satisfactory threaded inserts will continue the normal Optical-Sorting-Machine-threaded-inserts-6route and be accepted into the bag or box ready for distribution.

Blog by Dan - 12th July 2019


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