MultiFit - worthwhile threaded inserts?

We have recently seen an increase in the popularity of our MultiFit threaded inserts. The inserts suit all types of thermoplastic injection mouldings and though they are predominantly made from brass, they can be made from steel, stainless steel and plastic too.

The MultiFit threaded inserts, which can also be known as MultiSert threaded inserts are multi-purpose threaded inserts and they have several advantages, which include:Unheaded-Multifit-threaded-inserts

  • MultiFit threaded inserts are easy to install and can be installed in all types of thermoplastic injection mouldings
  • The threaded inserts can also be installed either hot or cold in wood, plastic or metal
  • They are high performing threaded inserts
  • We at Fitsco can provide varying designs to suit a variety of applications
  • The headed MultiFit threaded inserts can be used in hard woods, providing a hole is pre-drilled

To suit the applications, it is recommended that a hole is moulded to suit the threaded inserts, and we also recommend that the threaded inserts are installed using either heat staking or ultrasonics.

Blog by Dan - 2nd August 2019

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