Manufacturing threaded inserts

Our threaded inserts are made by multi-spindle machines. It is an intricate and a careful process to make threaded inserts that can be just millimetres in size.

The multi-spindle machine, which makes our threaded inserts, are made by the machine cutting materials, i.e. brass, steel or stainless steel, into smaller pieces in a variety of manners, using several cutting tools.

The machine has several spindles which are located on a drum that is rotating in a horizontal method. A single rotation of the drum will complete several incisions that are required to be performed for the threaded insert to be finished. The drum will complete this due to the breaking down of the required incisions amongst the number of spindles in the machine.

As a result, this is an extremely efficient section of the operation, with threaded inserts being made with every rotation of the drum. There are two types of multi-spindle machines; vertical and horizontal rotation. The machines that are used at Fitsco to produce our threaded inserts to be distributed globally are horizontal rotation machines.

Blog by Dan - 12th July 2019

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