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Our high-quality and often custom-made threaded inserts are made using multi-spindle machines that have been made, developed and known as Davenport Machines. They have been in use for well over 100 years now. Without these machines, we would not be able to make the threaded inserts, rivet nuts, fasteners, speaker spikes or compression limiters.

Here we look back at the history of the Davenport Machines and how they are making our threaded inserts that are distributed globally every day. We have found that Davenport Machines are better for the environment, produce parts quicker and staff can quickly adapt to using the machines than other multi-spindle machines.


Davenport Machine Tool Company was established by William Simeon Davenport in New Bedford in the state of Massachusetts, USA. The first machines to be produced were clock pinion turning machines, which later progressed into multi-spindle automatic bar machines.


Davenport’s Model B Automatic Screw Machine is patented.


The Davenport Machine starts to play a key role in the US Military.


A young mechanic, by the name of Earl Brinkman, starts working for Davenport. Brinkman’s innovations drove the sales of the machine to up to fifty per month before he retired.


During World War II, Davenport was granted AAA priority and opened its doors for every minute of the day to supply the nation with equipment for much-needed war materials.


Once a mechanic, Earl Brinkman has become president of Davenport, and is commonly know in the screw machine industry as ‘Mr Davenport’.


Earl Brinkman retires, and leaves the company to be spearheaded by his son, Bob Brinkman.


The Model B Servo is launched, which uses top-of-the-range servo technology with increased speed over the Model B. This machine offers improved accuracy of threaded inserts, simplified set-up and more flexibility during operations.


Bob Brinkman takes over the Davenport Machine, which is now a part of the Brinkman International Group, Inc and continues to focus on the needs of the precision machines parts market.


From the late 19th century, Davenport has been at the forefront of screw machine technology, with the five-spindle machines becoming a modern-day classic.

Blog by Dan - 5th July 2019

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