GrabCad - threaded inserts drawings

Fitsco has released its CAD File drawings onto GrabCad, to enable designers to take Fitsco made parts, including threaded inserts, speaker spikes, compression limiters, rivet nuts and fasteners.

But why do we use GrabCad we hear you ask? Simply, GrabCad is great for opening CAD files on all systems and it does not require the user to own Solidworks to view the designs of our threaded inserts. They also have an android and an Apple app, meaning you can open the CAD files on tablets or mobile phones, in any place or anywhere, making it easier to share the files on the go or out of the office.

We have also heard from customers who have already used our files that they particularly like the level of detail that we provide in the designs of our threaded inserts, as others in our industry do not include the inner thread or some of the outer detail.

You can find the designs of our threaded inserts on our GrabCad profile, which can be found here:

Blog by Dan: 27th June 2019

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