Different Plating We Use on Threaded Inserts

Here at Fitsco, we offer our customers the opportunity to plate our threaded inserts and related products in various types of plating. The main four are Zinc Nickel Trivalent Clear, BZP, Chemi-Black and YZP. Every product can be plated in any type of plating, the plating will not affect the size or performance of our threaded inserts.Threaded-inserts-plating-1

The four different types of threaded inserts plating have different benefits and advantages and this blog looks at what they are. The four types of plating can be seen in the image here are clockwise from top left: WoodFit in YZP, Speaker Spikes in Chemi-Black,  RotoFit in Zinc Nickel Trivalent and Speaker Spikes in BZP.

Zinc Nickel Trivalent Clear

Zinc Nickel Trivalent protects threaded inserts from corrosion. We have recently seen an increase in demand for this type of plating from our customers within the automotive sector.

The advantages of Zinc Nickel Trivalent plating are:

  • The plating protects the product superbly
  • The product is low-stressed and blister-free
  • The plating covers the threaded inserts excellently and does not effect the size of the threaded inserts
  • Zinc Nickel Trivalent plating is friendly to the environment


BZP, or Bright Zinc Plating for its full title, is a protective plating for our threaded inserts. It also resists corrosion. BZP is widely used throughout industries due to its ability to resist corrosion and its attractiveness. We have noticed that BZP is particularly popular with steel threaded inserts as steel does not resist corrosion.


Chemi-Black is a plated finish, often on steel components. The threaded inserts are blacked by converting chemicals on the metal surface. Chemi Blacking, as it is often known, is cost-effective and gives an even black finish on the threaded inserts. Chemi-Black is effective on most steels.


YZP, or Yellow Zinc Plating for its full name, stops zinc from corroding the threaded inserts and will also help with protecting the products. Despite being titled yellow, the plating provides a rainbow finish. YZP is cost-effective, high-performing and attractive aesthetically.

Blog by Dan - 18th September 2019

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