Sheet Metal Fasteners - Self clinch - Rivet Nuts - Rivet Bushes - Weld Studs
Sheet Metal Fasteners  

Self Clinch Fasteners  

Self Clinching Fasteners provide strong load bearing male or female threads in thin Steel and Aluminium panels.

Installation is neat and easy, simply locating the fastener into a punched or drilled hole and apply a parallel squeezing force to embed the fastener into the panel.

Bind Rivet Nuts  

Blind Rivet Nuts are internally threaded rivets that can be installed into sheet-metal, tubing, extrusions and plastics.

Blind Rivet Nuts provide a reliable system of inserting high quality load bearing threads, available in a variety of styles and head styles in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Rivet Bushes  

Rivet Bushes provide strong reusable threads in panels too thin to be conventionally tapped.

They can be installed into panels as thin as 0.5mm and do not suffer from the maximum hardness limitations of Self Clinching Nuts and Standoffs so are ideal for installation into Stainless Steel panels.

Weld Studs  

Stud welding is a versatile single operation process, where a male threaded stud can be joined to a sheet metal application instantaneously.

Weld Studs are fastened using welding current to fuse the fastener metal to the site's metal. These provide a solid attachment mounting for components.

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